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My College Roadmap is a three-step program designed to assist you in choosing a quality college, saving you money while enrolled in college, and selecting a major that can lead to a high paying job after graduation.

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"When my daughter was a junior in high school, she wanted to attend college out of state because her friends were going and she wanted the experience. After working with the team at My College Roadmap we reviewed all of our options from the cost of education, employment after she graduates, opportunities for scholarships and financial aid available. We received four schools to compare, two in state and two out of state. Morghan has decided to stay in Colorado to attend the University of Northern Colorado studying Athletic Training. Before working with your team, my husband and I had no idea what questions to ask or what options we should be comparing. I would like to thank the team for all of the great information and helping us make an informed decision."

Thank You,

Shelly and Jim

April 2021

​If you can relate to Shelly and Jim's story, please contact us today!

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