our team

Raul Valdes Pages
Chief Executive Officer

Accomplished and innovative executive with management accomplishments in education services and packaged goods. Two start ups, one sold to a Public Company.


CEO of three successful companies rooted in integrity, innovation and vision. Multiple National Education awards and expert in Competency Based Education. Was asked to testify in Congress on behalf of Skill Standards Bill and the role of education in leading to employment.


Expert in Accreditation (HLC, ACCSC, ABHES, APTA, ACOTE, BON). Compliance, 90-10, Default Management, Retention, Placement and Education Policy among areas of competency. Trained in Synectics, creative problem solving.


Terry Bargas

Financial Aid Director

Over 25 years of experience in financial aid working with students and parents to assist them in developing a clearer understanding of financial opportunities and savings while preparing for college.  Terry has spent years in training and has developed policies and procedures following federal and state guidelines. 


She has worked at various colleges, such as Denver Technical College, DeVry University, and Colorado Technical University. She is also a member of several industry associations, such as the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) and the Colorado Association of Financial Aid Administrators (CAFAA).

Terry has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration / Human Resources Management from DeVry University. 


Nicole Trimm

Director of Education

Nicole has been an education professional for 20 plus years. Nicole is originally from England, where she taught in many diverse educational settings and worked her way up to leadership and management roles. In 2015, Nicole moved to the US and continued her professional career in education and continues to help and support those around her succeed.


Her experience is extensive as she has worked many roles, from Program manager, Life Skills Counselor,  Functional skills Coordinator, Director of Career Services and Director of Education. She earned her Bachelor's of Arts in Music from Ruskin University and Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Greenwich University both in the UK. She is now currently working towards her Master's in Education Leadership from Open University, UK.


Jeff Tunney

Technical and Academic Advisor

Jeff has been an educational professional for over 17 years and has worked in computer training, continuing education, and higher educational settings. His experience in higher education consists of having served as a director of distance learning, an online course and curriculum designer, and a residential and online faculty member at the undergraduate level. Mr. Tunney has also been employed in several other professional fields, such as computer network administration, property management and development, and financial services.

Jeff earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Bentley University as well as an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Massachusetts. He has also had many positive experiences abroad as a student in the commerce program at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, and as a derivatives specialist for a London-based investment company.


Dr. Barbara Calabro

Special Advisor

Dr. Barbara Calabro is a lifelong educator. She held positions of Chief Academic Officer, Vice President for Academics and Vice President of Educational Support Services at the college level. Her responsibilities included institutional effectiveness, academic compliance, curriculum review and development, assessment, competency based curriculum and assessment, and professional development. In the K-12 setting, Dr. Calabro has served as a teacher, Reading consultant, principal and Curriculum Director in the K-12 sector.


Ana Carrera

Project Manager

Ana is an accomplished Educator and Entrepreneur with full proficiency in English and Spanish. Due to her father’s career, her family lived in different Latin American countries in her childhood and youth, and she received her degree in Education (Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Educacion) from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has extensive experience in translation work and teaching English as a second language at elementary and high school levels, as well as adults. Ana lives in Colorado since 1990, where she has co-founded, managed, and sold two successful start-up businesses. In addition, she serves as a volunteer for several nonprofit organizations where she has done translations for projects in Latin America, marketing consulting, and other work. She considers her diverse cultural background and experience an asset, and her passion for education and for helping people her drive.