Consulting Services

Quantum Educational Services offers consulting services across a wide range of academic and administrative functions. Our consultants have extensive experience in project management and educational oversight and have the ability to provide sound advice in many areas, such as those listed below.

Admissions - We assure that the proper testing and evaluation tools are in place.

Retention - Quantum's administrative consultants explain how to use student services, faculty and mentor engagement, and community resources to improve graduation rates.

Online Programs - We provide assistance in choosing a learning management system that suits your needs as well as developing quality programs and evaluative learning tools.


Competency-Based Education - Quantum consultants solicit feedback from employers to develop curriculum and assessments that  improve student employability. 


Faculty training - Our academic consultants provide guidance in improving classroom performance and assessments.

90-10 Reduction Methodologies - Our financial aid experts provide training in the for profit college sector.

Default Management - Quantum's financial consultants work with colleges and students to incorporate methods for reducing instances of default.


Gainful Employment - We assure compliance by assisting in the management of tuition and placement. 


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