College roadmap
College roadmap

Two of the most important decisions a person will make are determining where to go to college, and choosing a major to pursue. Many high school students have every intention of continuing with their education, but do not know how to complete the research that is necessary or who they can trust to provide them with the answers they need.


College Roadmap is the answer for anyone who wants to receive guidance and be as well-informed as possible prior to making these life changing decisions. It is a three-step program designed to assist you in saving money, choosing a major, and landing a good paying job after graduation. The best part is that we work for you and not for the colleges, so we can advise with only your interest in mind!




Step 1

You begin the process by taking a state of the art vocational interest assessment that plays a pivotal role in determining the career path that best fits you.


Step 2

Using an interview and questionnaire designed to be completed by the student and parent, we help you find a college or university that suits your needs and will lead to attractive job opportunities.


Step 3

We research universities and provide you with total costs and other financial considerations, such as:

  • Your likely financial aid benefits and payments after graduation

  • Potential salaries based on your choice of major

  • Access to a legitimate scholarship application website


Our researchers have extensive experience in higher education and are experts in financial aid, admissions, academics and many other aspects of college administration. As a result, they know how to answer your important questions about admission requirements, entrance essays, cost estimates, potential financial aid awards, credits, campus safety, and much more!

Below are just a a few of the questions that are often asked and we are available to provide the valuable feedback that is needed to address them.

  • What are the entrance requirements to the colleges I am interested in?

  • Do I have to know what career I want to pursue in order to enroll in college?

  • What happens if I don’t declare a major?

  • Should I attend a local community college in order to complete my general education courses and then transfer to a university?

  • I plan to transfer to a university. How do I know if my credits will transfer?


Below are links to documents that are helpful to anyone who is researching and enrolling in a college or university.

Creating an FSA ID

Completing Your FASFA

Sources of Financial Aid

Sample Advisement Report

If you have questions and would like to begin your educational and career journey, contact us today!