College Boost™

Only 28% of college bound students ever graduate. Academic, financial and personal problems prevent many worthwhile students from achieving their academic goals. 

Knowing what causes the majority of academic failures and addressing these areas early on will increase your ability to succeed and hopefully excel in college. Solutions?

  1. Online Remediation in Math, English and Reading - Our program diagnoses problems and works with you to develop solutions at your own speed. 

  2. Financial Literacy - Our proprietary financial planning helps you budget, plan and understand your money issues while in College allowing you to focus on your studies. 

  3. Student Success - What does it take to graduate? How do you budget time in school, work and yes, fun? 

All these issues need to be addressed (ideally) before you enter College. We deliver these services online for your convenience. Two of the most important decisions a person will ever make are where to go to college, and what to major in. Many high school students have every intention of going to college, but are unsure of where to enroll and what major to pursue. In fact, according to Dr. Fritz Gruper, quoted in NBC News, “eighty percent of college-bound students have yet to choose a major…but they are still expected to pick schools, apply to and start degree programs without knowing where they want to end up”.

Our program is designed to assist in making those decisions. We are experts when it comes to higher education, and we provide advice to the parent and student alike as they determine these all-important decisions.

In order to help with the decision of a major our program utilizes a vocational interest assessment. The student completes this in about 20 minutes, and we provide feedback regarding what career fields would fit best based on the results. In order to assist with the college destination, we also utilize a questionnaire designed by our experts. The student and the parent(s) complete separate questionnaires so that we can determine a complete profile of what the family prefers. Using the results of both the vocational interest assessment and our questionnaire, our researchers help to find the colleges that will best fit your student.

We will provide you with applicable programmatic and institutional rankings in your chosen field as well as entrance requirements into those programs. Our experts will also provide information regarding estimated student finance packages.

One additional benefit to using our services is that we work for you. We do not work for, nor do we receive any stipends from any colleges or universities. We are looking out for you, and we use our experience and expertise in higher education to help you to determine the right fit.

Most people considering college have a list of questions they would like to ask someone knowledgeable and qualified to answer them. These are just a few questions that are often asked. We have answers to these and many more!

“Should I attend a local community college in order to complete my general education courses and then transfer to a university?”

“How do I pay for college?”

“What are the entrance requirements to the colleges I am interested in?”

“Do colleges guarantee employment after graduation?”

“What factors should I consider in a college for my bachelor’s degree if I know that I ultimately want to achieve a master’s degree?”

“Do I have to know what career I want to pursue in order to enroll in college?”

“How do I know if I am ready to succeed in college?”

“What happens if I don’t declare a major?”

“I plan to transfer to a university. How do I know if my credits will transfer?”

“Is dual enrollment an option while I am in high school?”

The advisors and researchers here at College Boost are experienced professionals in the world of higher education, and we are ready to utilize our skills in helping you!